Why We Are Fiduciaries

There has been much talk in the news over these last few years about something called the Fiduciary standard for financial professionals. We've enthusiastically accepted the highest legal standard to act in your best interests. That means that by law, we must put your interests first in everything we do on your behalf. This pledge permeates every part of your experience with us—from the advice we give, the plan we create, to the fees we charge.

The majority of financial advisors adhere to the suitability standard. They are merely charged with doing what is suitable for your needs. Those advisors can recommend products and give advice that in some way fit your situation, but that may also result in commissions for them or higher fees for you. At no time are advisors who work under the suitability standard required to put YOUR needs ahead of their own.

It's your money; you deserve the fiduciary standard.