A Word About Fees

Fees are a standard part of any advisory relationship. Unfortunately, many fee structures that are used by advisors lack transparency. When you choose to have iValue manage your investments there are three costs that you will incur.

  1. A fee to iValue for comprehensive advisory services—everything from helping you set spending and savings goals to crafting your investment portfolio to working with your other trusted financial advisors to address your advanced planning needs. To oversee and rebalance your portfolio, and provide on- going financial planning we charge a maximum management fee of up to 1.00% which is substantially below industry levels. The more money you invest the lower our fee.
  2. A fee paid to the investment management firm whose mutual funds and ETFs we use to build your portfolio. It varies based on funds and is always fully disclosed. We primarily use Vanguard and the average costs of these investments are substantially below industry averages. The combined cost of the investments in the portfolio we will use for you is 0.08%. According to Morningstar in June of 2022 the average fund charges 0.40%.
  3. A nominal administrative fee paid to our broker dealer for processing your trades. To maintain your account with our broker dealer (Securities offered through American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc. (APFS), Member: FINRA/SIPC). The administrative charge also declines as the value of the accounts increase. 

Here is an example of what you can expect to pay on your investment portfolio, includes oversight, trading, management and rebalancing: 

*Includes oversight, trading, management, and rebalancing. Broker-Dealer Administrative Fee will be the lowest fee shown for all accounts in a household if the household balances are more than $500,000 in all accounts.